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Making an online application

How to make an online application

  1. Applying for a job
    • Go to the Further Particulars of the job by clicking on the job title in the List of Jobs..
    • Choose the Apply on Line option.
    • Next will be the Log in/Create a new account page, if you have not already logged in.
    • This will take you to My application where you will find a list of all the sections in your electronic application form each section must be filled before you can submit your application.
      • means that the section has not been completed.
      • means that you have filled in and saved the information in that section of your application.
    • You can save your application and return at any point to make amendments / adjustments.
    • Your session will end after 20 minutes of inactivity and any recent work may be lost. To avoid this, please save your work frequently. Saving your work will take you back to the My Application page.
    • You can save the information to your application by clicking on Save to your application and / or save the information to your profile by clicking on Save to your profile.
    • You can look at any one of your applications by visiting My applications
  2. Job Profile
    • My job profile includes a copy of each section in your electronic application form.
    • The first time you fill in an on line application the information will automatically be saved to your profile when you click the Save to application button.
    • You can change the details in your job profile at any time.
  3. Filling in an application in future
    • Your profile will be kept in the system so that you can use the information again when making an on line application in the future.
    • You can upload information from your profile into your application by choosing the Load information from your profile option in each section.
  4. Requesting a weekly list of jobs
    • You can receive a weekly list of jobs via e-mail by choosing the Please send me a list of Cyngor Gwynedd jobs via e-mail (weekly) option when registering or by editing your user profile.
  5. Remember to log out and close your browser when you have finished using the system, especially if you are working on a shared computer.

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