Planning Application Reference Number: C16/0886/15/LL

Planning Portal Reference Number:

Site Location: Glyn Rhonwy Pumped Storage, Glyn Rhonwy, Llanberis, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, LL55 4EL

Registration Date: 28-Jul-2016

Application Type: Llawn - Cynllunio/Full - Planning

(Note: if the application type is Screening / scoping opinion: This is not a planning application, it is a request for the Council's opinion whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is required or not)

Ward: Llanberis Pentir Cwm y Glo Deiniolen Penisarwaun

Community: Llanberis Llanddeiniolen Llanrug Pentir

Proposal: Cais ar gyfer gosod llinnell cyswllt grid 132KV tanddaearol rhwng safle storio pwmp Glyn Rhonwy a Is-orsaf Pentir / Application for the installation of underground 132KV grid connection cables between the Glyn Rhonwy Storage Facility and the Pentir Substation.

Status: Cais wedi eu penderfynu / Application Decided Caniatawyd gydag Amodau/Approved with Conditions

Comment: This application has already been decided. You cannot comment on it


Name: Snowdonia Pumped Hydro Limited

Address: One Kingsway, Cardiff, CF103AN


Name: GVA

Address: One Kingsway, Cardiff, CF103AN
Decision Details

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Decision: Caniatawyd gydag Amodau/Approved with Conditions

Decision Date: 26-Sep-2016

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File Size: 139921, HREF: , Reference: Application Form - Without Personal Data ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf
File Size: 710407, HREF: , Reference: Access statement Grid Connection Appllication Cover Letter (SUBMITTED)(1).pdf
File Size: 616451, HREF: , Reference: Additional plans JJ0204-208 Directional Drill Details Rev B.PDF
File Size: 359847, HREF: , Reference: Additional plans JJ0204-207 Cable Route Plan Rev B.PDF
File Size: 386393, HREF: , Reference: Additional plans JJ0204-206 Cable Route Plan Rev B.PDF
File Size: 485039, HREF: , Reference: Additional plans JJ0204-205 Cable Route Plan Rev B.PDF
File Size: 535132, HREF: , Reference: Additional plans JJ0204-204 Cable Route Plan Rev B.PDF
File Size: 808943, HREF: , Reference: Additional plans JJ0204-203 Cable Route Plan Rev B.PDF
File Size: 882482, HREF: , Reference: Site & other Plans JJ0204-202 Cable Route Plan Rev B.PDF
File Size: 5044354, HREF: , Reference: User defined attachment Grid Connection Application DRAFT CEMP (July 2016) (SUBMITTED).pdf
File Size: 5026162, HREF: , Reference: Biodiversity survey and report EE.118.07.16.TY Glyn Rhonwy Cable Corridor Phase 1 Survey report 2016 combined red..pdf
File Size: 4933497, HREF: , Reference: Design statement Grid connection DAS (FINAL) 250716.pdf
File Size: 3342201, HREF: , Reference: The Location Plan GR_GC6_160725_Grid_Connection_Route Location Plan_A1_FINAL.pdf
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