Planning Application Reference Number: C16/0849/32/LL

Planning Portal Reference Number:

Site Location: Crugeran, Sarn, Pwllheli, LL53 8DT

Registration Date: 21-Jul-2016

Application Type: Llawn - Cynllunio/Full - Planning

(Note: if the application type is Screening / scoping opinion: This is not a planning application, it is a request for the Council's opinion whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is required or not)

Ward: Botwnnog

Community: Botwnnog

Proposal: Adeiladu uned ddofednod rhydd a gwaith cysylltiedig / Erection of free range poultry unit and associated works.

Status: Cais wedi eu penderfynu / Application Decided Caniatawyd gydag Amodau/Approved with Conditions

Comment: This application has already been decided. You cannot comment on it


Name: R O & R Parry

Address: R O & R Parry, Crugeran, Sarn Mellteyrn, Pwllheli, Gwynedd, LL538DT


Name: Roger Parry & Partners LLP

Address: 1 Berriew Street, Welshpool, Powys, SY217SQ
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File Size: 139342, HREF: , Reference: Application Form - Without Personal Data ApplicationFormNoPersonalData.pdf
File Size: 1837577, HREF: , Reference: Access statement DAS Crugeran(1).pdf
File Size: 848016, HREF: , Reference: Planning Statement SCAIL modelling.pdf
File Size: 432244, HREF: , Reference: Planning Statement Manure Management Plan.pdf
File Size: 847220, HREF: , Reference: Planning Statement Management Plan.pdf
File Size: 155054, HREF: , Reference: Additional plans 35-Crugeran poultry unit-2016-07-18-GD-MZ35-Crugeran-02-Elevations(1).pdf
File Size: 125522, HREF: , Reference: Site & other Plans 35-Crugeran poultry unit-2016-07-18-GD-MZ35-Crugeran-03-Block Plan A1.pdf
File Size: 738832, HREF: , Reference: The Location Plan 35-Crugeran poultry unit-2016-07-18-GD-MZ35-Crugeran-01-Location Plan A3.pdf
syl prif Sylwadau_Uned_Priffyrdd_-_26.07.16.pdf
syl cadw Sylwadau_Cadw_-_03.08.16.doc
syl cnc Sylwadau_CNC_-_15.08.16.pdf
syl bio Sylwadau_Uned_Bioamrywiaeth_-_09.08.16.pdf
syl ahne Sylwadau_Uned_AHNE_-_16.08.16.pdf
syl dwr Sylwadau_Dwr_Cymru_-_17.08.16.doc
syl cadw Sylwadau_CADW_-_08.09.16.pdf
syl cnc Sylwadau_CNC_-_12.09.16.pdf
syl ahne Sylwadau_Uned_AHNE_-_14.09.16.pdf
syl cc Sylwadau_Cyngor_Cymdeithas_Botwnnog_-_07.10.16.pdf
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