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Application details (C14/0291/04/LL)

Tir ger/Land near Bodelith Isaf, Llandderfel, Bala, Gwynedd, LL23 7LA


Llawn - Cynllunio/Full - Planning

(Note: if the application type is Screening / scoping opinion: This is not a planning application, it is a request for the Council's opinion whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is required or not)


Llandderfel(cyn/inc. Llanfor)

Codi 2 tyrbin gwynt 57m i’r hyb gyda cyfanswm uchder o 92.5 m (yn lle 115m) at frig y llafnau (Uchafswm allbwn 5 Mw) ynghyd a thrac ,adeilad ac offer atodol. / Erect 2 wind turbines 57m to the hub with total height of 92.5m (instead of 115m) to the tip of the blade (Maximum output 5Mw) together with track, building and associated equipment.

Cais wedi eu penderfynu / Application Decided Gwrthodwyd/Refused

This application has already been decided. You cannot comment on it

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Informative Polisiau/Policies : Ardal Arfon Area
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