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[All are on the back of Accounts of rubbish and blocks passed over the weighing machine, Cilgwyn Slate Quarries Ltd. Dates unless otherwise stated are those of the accounts]

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XD94/61 PENCIL SKETCH ? of strata.  1909 Jan 22
XD94/62 SECTION showing position of slate beds at the fault between Veingoch and Gloddfa Ddwr, Old Cilgwyn quarry.  1913 Aug 20
XD94/63 SECTION through Moeltryfan quarry.  1913 Aug 26
XD94/64 SECTION through Veingoch, Old Cilgwyn quarry.  1913 Nov 26
XD94/65 SECTION through Alexandria quarry.  1914 July 18
XD94/66 SECTION showing position of the slate beds at New Quarry, Moeltryfan.  1914 July 16
XD94/67 SECTION through Gloddfa Glytiau, New End.  1914 July 21
XD94/68 SECTION through Gloddfa Glytiau.  1914 July 22
XD94/69 ACCOUNT of slates made and the costs  1916-1927
XD94/70 SECTION through Gloddfa Ddwr, Old Cilgwyn quarry, showing Veingoch grit on the side.  1919 Aug 9
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