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XD94/1 CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE (17 February 1893) of Robert Parry Williams, age 51, widower, Llandwrog, quarry manager, Moel Tryfan Slate Quarry, father Ellis Williams (deceased, quarry manager) and Sydn...  more 1893 Feb 17
XD94/2 CERTIFIED COPY OF AN ENTRY OF BIRTH (2 July 1898) of Ellen Maude, Cae Goronwy, pa. Llandwrog, daughter of Robert Parry and Sydney Jane Williams (formerly Williams), father was a slate quarry manager.  1919 July 7
XD94/3 CERTIFIED COPY OF AN ENTRY OF DEATH (27 January 1940) of Sydney Jane Williams, Celtic, Segontium Rd. South, Caernarfon, age 80, widow of Robert Parry Williams, manager of a slate quarry.  1940 June 14
XD94/4 CERTIFIED COPY OF AN ENTRY OF DEATH (10 February 1948) of Ann Hughes, 29 Garnon St., Caernarfon, age 86, widow of Richard Hughes, seaman (merchant service)  1948 March 2
XD94/5 CERTIFIED COPY OF AN ENTRY OF DEATH (12 November 1957) of Mary Davies, 29 Garnon St., Caernarfon, age 71, spinster daughter of David Davies, slate loader.  1957 Nov 13
XD94/6 CERTIFIED COPY OF AN ENTRY OF MARRIAGE of John Davies, age 63, bachelor, joiner, 29 Garnon St., Caernarfon, father David Davies (deceased, slate loader) and Ellen Maud Williams, age 59, spinster, Celt...  more 1958 March 12
XD94/7 CERTIFIED COPY OF AN ENTRY OF DEATH (13 January 1963) of Ellen Maude Davies, 29 Garnon St., Caernarfon, wife of John Davies, joiner.  1963 Jan 22
XD94/8 SHORT CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH (20 November 1890) of Margaret Williams, Conway Valley registration district.  1967 Feb 27
XD94/9 PROBATE OF THE WILL (12 December 1902) of William Ellis Williams of Meillionydd, pa. Llandwrog, quarry agent bequeathing all his real and personal estate to his wife Elizabeth during her life and afte...  more 1904 June 17
XD94/10 LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION of the estate of Elizabeth Williams of Meillionydd, Upper Llandwrog, granted to her son Ellis Williams.  1924 July 8
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