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Cagliad Elizabeth Watkin Jones. Pwyllgor Amddiffyn Capel Celyn

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
Z/M/4822/21 TYPESCRIPT COPIES of letters of protest in support of Pwyllgor Amddiffyn Capel Celyn.  [1956-7]
Z/M/4822/22 NOTEBOOK - copies of protests sent to Liverpool containing manuscript copies of protests addressed to T. Alker.  n.d.
Z/M/4822/23 LIST OF COUNCILS [who supported Pwyllgor Amddiffyn Capel Celyn], Borough,Urban District, Parish and Rural District Councils listed.  n.d.
Z/M/4822/24 CASGLIAD o SLIPIAU i annog pobl i ysgrifennu at Aelodau Seneddol wedi eu llofnodi gan yr anfonwyr gan nodi at bwy y maent wedi ysgrifennu [75].  d.d.
Z/M/4822/25 FILE of REPORTS by J.F.Pownall; Moses Griffith; Arwyn Charles; D. W. Jones-Williams; and a list of supporters of Pwyllgor Amddiffyn Capel Celyn.  n.d.
Z/M/4822/26 COPI TEIPYSGRIF o gerdd R. Ithel Williams,’Cwm Tryweryn’.  d.d.
Z/M/4822/27 POSTER: Cyfarfod Cyhoeddus yn Festri Tegid i Amddiffyn Capel Celyn [2].  1956 Mehefin 29
Z/M/4822/28 POSTER i hysbysebu Cyfarfod Cyhoeddus ym Mlaenau Ffestiniog.  [1956] Medi 19
Z/M/4822/29 POSTER : Cyfarfod Cyhoeddus yn Neuadd yr Aelwyd, Corwen i Amddiffyn Capel Celyn.  [1956] Hydref 5
Z/M/4822/30 TYPESCRIPT LETTER from E. M. Watkin Jones, Hon. Sec. Tryweryn Defence Committee with the heading ’ Shall Cwm Tryweryn Be Drowned ?’ [16 copies]  1957 July
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