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Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XG2/ADD/81 BED CARD of Jane Hughes.  1949 Dec 31
XG2/ADD/82 BED CARD of Mary Parry.  1950 Feb 4
XG2/ADD/83 RECORD PAPER of Josiah Aked Caw.  1950 Feb 21
XG2/ADD/84 RECORD PAPER of Evan Evans.  1950 March 8
XG2/ADD/85 RECORD PAPER of Jane Eames.  1950 Apr 6
XG2/ADD/86A MATERNITY RECORD PAPER of Grace Edith Prissell, North Road, Caernarfon. Attached: RECORD PAPER for infant of Michael John Prissell.  1942 Aug 7
XG2/ADD/86 MATERNITY RECORD PAPER of Margaret Alice Thomas, Rhedyw Road, Llanllyfni. Attached: RECORD PAPER for infant of Madoc Redmond Thomas. OTHER PATIENTS’ PAPERS  1932 July 2
XG2/ADD/87 PROGRESS BOOK of Henry Jones Hawkins of Dunkerry Road, London [see XG2/ADD/88].  1938 July 21
XG2/ADD/88 PROGRESS BOOK of Henry Hawkins of Dunkerry Road, London [see XG2/ADD/87].  1938 July 21
XG2/ADD/89 PROGRESS BOOK of Richard James Hughes, Pepper Street, Whitchurch, Cardiff [see XG2/ADD/90].  1940 July 1
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In accord with normal archival practice in Wales, details of documents are presented in the language of the document. Where details appear in Welsh, then Welsh is the language in which the document is written; where they are in English, the document is in English.