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Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XG2/ADD/51 CASE PAPER of Mary Roberts, Dolawen Terrace, Llandwrog.  1947 Feb 7
XG2/ADD/52 CASE PAPER of Edith McGregor, Padarn Villa Hotel, Llanberis.  1947 Mar 21
XG2/ADD/53 CASE PAPER of Ellen Roberts, Carmel.  1947 Nov 24
XG2/ADD/54 CASE PAPER of Ellen Evans, Stepping Hill Hospital, Cheshire.  1948 Oct 14
XG2/ADD/55 CASE PAPER of Jane Morgan, Bangor St., Caernarfon.  1948 Dec 30
XG2/ADD/56 CASE PAPER of Jane Thomas, Tancoed Terrace, Penrhosgarnedd.  1949 Jan 1
XG2/ADD/57 CASE PAPER of Mary Griffith, Victoria Road, Caernarfon.  1949 Apr 9
XG2/ADD/58 CASE PAPER of Jane Owen, Llanrug.  1949 Apr 25
XG2/ADD/59 CASE PAPER of Doris May Davies, admitted with her two children Robert John and Annie.  1949 June 16
XG2/ADD/60 CASE PAPER of Joe Nicholls, from Ireland.  1949 Oct 28
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