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Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XG2/ADD/41 MEMBERS ATTENDANCE: Guardians Committee for the year ending 31 March 1935.  1935 Mar 31
XG2/ADD/42 MINUTES: Sub-Committee held at Bodfan Institute.  1935 Mar 11
XG2/ADD/43 MINUTES: Sub-Committee held at Bodfan Institute [incomplete].  1935 May 8
XG2/ADD/44 CASE PAPER of Margaret Davies, New Street, Deiniolen.  1923 Aug 4
XG2/ADD/45 CASE PAPER of David Davies, no fixed abode, suffered ’shell shock’ in First World War.  1933 Mar 18
XG2/ADD/46 CASE PAPER of Grace Jones, admitted from Wern, Porthmadog.  1941 Jan 10
XG2/ADD/47 CASE PAPER of Margaret Ellen Parry, Station Road, Talysarn.  1945 Apr 4
XG2/ADD/48 CASE PAPER of Sarah Williams, Cil Isaf, Caernarfon.  1945 Dec 11
XG2/ADD/49 CASE PAPER of Ellen Davies, Gwylfa, Llanberis.  1946 Apr 10
XG2/ADD/50 CASE PAPER of Hugh William Owen, Caernarfon Road, Bangor.  1945 Dec 30
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