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XG2 Add


Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XG2/ADD/100 PROGRESS BOOK of Thomas Neville Owens.  1954 March 30
XG2/ADD/101 PROGRESS BOOK of Ivor Jones, Susannah Place, Treharris.  [1953]
XG2/ADD/102 PROGRESS BOOK of Andrew Penfold, Gaer Park Hill, Newport.  [1953]
XG2/ADD/103 PROGRESS BOOK of Ian Henry Silk, Surgery Road, Blaina.  [1953]
XG2/ADD/104 PROGRESS BOOK of Richard Vine Rees, Pendre, Kidwelly.  [1953]
XG2/ADD/105 PROGRESS BOOK of David Walters, New Gapel, Rhosgadfan.  [1953]
XG2/ADD/106 BUNDLE of papers relating to the case of Samuel Evans, Greengate St., re removal to workhouse and payment of relief. (4 items).  1929
XG2/ADD/107 RECORD PAPER of the Master, Mr. Hughes when admitted to Eryri Hospital.  1933 March 22
XG2/ADD/108 CONTRACT re building work at the Institution [incomplete].  n.d.
XG2/ADD/109 BUNDLE of correspondence to Mr. Jenkins, Clerk to Caernarfon Union re appointment of master and matron to the Institution.  1926 Sept
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