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Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XG2/ADD/90 PROGRESS BOOK of R.J. Hughes, Pepper St., Whitchurch, Cardiff [see XG2/ADD/89].  1940 July 1
XG2/ADD/91 PROGRESS BOOK of Richard James Chard, Marlborough Avenue, Gosforth [see XG2/ADD/92].  1946 Jan 18
XG2/ADD/92 PROGRESS BOOK of Richard James Chard, Marlborough Avenue, Gosforth [see XG2/ADD/91].  1946 Jan 18
XG2/ADD/93 PROGRESS BOOK of David William Price Roberts, Elm Grove, Rhyl [see XG2/ADD/94].  1948 Feb 24
XG2/ADD/94 PROGRESS BOOK of David Roberts, Elm Grove, Rhyl [see XG2/ADD/93].  1948 Feb 24
XG2/ADD/95 PROGRESS BOOK of Keith Whiteaker, John St., Aberbargoed.  1949 April 13
XG2/ADD/96 PROGRESS BOOK of John Kenneth Jones, Gerasim Terrace, Llanfairfechan.  1950 Jan 26
XG2/ADD/97 PROGRESS BOOK of William John J. Evans, Caerau Road, Caerau.  1952 Sept 11
XG2/ADD/98 PROGRESS BOOK of Kenneth H. Stevenson, St. Brides Major, Bridgend.  1952 Nov 12
XG2/ADD/99 PROGRESS BOOK of Harry Edward Morris, Richmond Road, Abertillery.  1953 Jan 15
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