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Ellis Davies Solicitors

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XD70/21 OFFICE DIARY of daily business. Entries relate to various legal matters, including the estates of several deceased clients.  1937
XD70/22 ACCOUNTS LEDGER of Ellis Davies.  1901 - 1909
XD70/23 ACCOUNTS LEDGER belonging to Ellis Davies, Jones & Jones. Includes list of office expenses and index.  1902 - 1908
XD70/24 ACCOUNT BOOK of Ellis Davies, Jones & Jones, Solicitors, containing details of cash received and payments out.  1907 Jan. - Dec
XD70/25 ACCOUNTS LEDGER of Ellis Davies and Evan Jones, solicitors. Document defective: pp. 1-55 missing.  1907 - 1908
XD70/26 ACCOUNT LEDGER. Contains details of deposits and payments. [No indication of ownership].  1910 - 1924
XD70/27 ACCOUNT BOOK of Ellis Davies and Co., 9 Segontium Terrace, Caernarfon. Includes index of clients.  1930 - 1948
XD70/28 ACCOUNT BOOK, includes office expenses, Ellis W. Davies Esq. Private accounts, private and business clients, and also sundry expenses.  1938 - 1947
XD70/29 ACCOUNTS LEDGER of Ellis Davies, Jones & Jones, Solicitors, with lists of office expenses and sundry costs, includes index. Enclosed: LETTER re divorce proceedings.  1947 - 1974
XD70/30 COST BOOK of Ellis Davies, Jones & Jones, Solicitors.  1910 Jan. - Dec
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