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Archifau Cwmni Dwr Porthmadog The Porthmadog Waterworks Company Archive

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XD14/5/71 TABLE showing the comparison of charges with those of neighbouring authorities.  N.D
XD14/5/72 LIST of mains still in use.  1880-1911
XD14/5/73 SUMMARY of mains of various size showing when they were laid and when they needed to be renewed and an estimate of the cost. Includes list of mains cleaned or renewed since date stated on the attached...  more 1913-1941
XD14/5/74 LETTER: From engineers to Company, re: syphonage system from lake.  1917 May 3
XD14/5/75 BUNDLE of correspondence re: the diversion of streams to Llyn Tecwyn dam. Includes maps and plans of the changes.  1917
XD14/5/76 COPY of analysis of water from streams running from Llyn Tecwyn to service reservoir.  1920 July 24
XD14/5/77 LETTER: Secretary to the Directors of the Company, re: Llyn Tecwyn new dam. Includes plan.  1921 April 9
XD14/5/78 BUNDLE of correspondence between the Company and T B Farrington and Sons (Civil Engineers and Surveyors), re: Contract for construction work of pressure reducing tank at Tallin Stream.  1924
XD14/5/79 AGREEMENT between the Company and the Great Western Railway Company for laying pipes along Briwet bridge.  1926
XD14/5/80 BUNDLE of correspondence to the Company re: reports and complaints.  1927-1931
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