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Archifau Cwmni Dwr Porthmadog The Porthmadog Waterworks Company Archive

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XD14/5/21 MEMO re: Water supplies emergency Bill.  N D
XD14/5/22 NOTES for General Meeting.  N D
XD14/5/23 DRAFT AGREEMENT for water supply between the Company and the Ynyscynhaiam U.D.C.  1909
XD14/5/24 BUNDLE: 1) LETTER: Col. Evans and Company, re: Lease. 2) COPY of Lease dealing with certain rights to lay pipes from Tallin stream to Llyn Tecwyn Uchaf. 3) COMPLETION STATEMENT.  1921
XD14/5/25 AGREEMENTS (2): 1) Between Richard Roberts and others and the Company, regarding land in pa. of Llandecwyn. 2) A Conveyance of land near Lake Tecwyn Uchaf between Mr. Owen and another and the Compan...  more 1923-24
XD14/5/26 BUNDLE of correspondence, re: Renewal of leases.  1923-26
XD14/5/27 BUNDLE of correspondence between Col. Evans and the Company.  1923-24
XD14/5/28 BUNDLE OF AGREEMENTS (3):1) Agreement for the erection of certain works between the Company and the Standard Construction and Maintenance Company Ltd. 21 July 1924. 2) Agreement for the erection of c...  more 1924
XD14/5/29 DRAFT LEASE between Col. Evans and the Company concerning the right to take water and lay pipes from Tallin stream to Llyn Tecwyn. Includes map of the area.  1924 Oct 1
XD14/5/30 CONVEYANCE and correspondence between Mrs. Pritchard and the Company, Re: Comet stores in Porthmadog. Includes workshop, stables, garage and other buildings adjoining the store.  1936 April 1
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