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Archifau Cwmni Dwr Porthmadog The Porthmadog Waterworks Company Archive

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XD14/5/11 MINUTES of Directors meetings’ held on 20 March 1964.  1964 March
XD14/5/12 LETTER from the Company re: Directors meeting to be held on 30 April.  1964 Apr 23
XD14/5/13 LETTER from Company re: Additional items on the agenda.  1964 Apr 30
XD14/5/14 MINUTES of the Directors’ meeting held 30 April 1964.  1964 Apr
XD14/5/15 DETAILS of Directors’ meeting 25 Sept 1964.  1964 Sept
XD14/5/16 AGENDA of Annual General Meeting.  1965 June 28
XD14/5/17 DETAILS of the Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders held on 28 June 1965.  1965 June
XD14/5/18 MINUTES of the Directors’ meeting held on 28 June 1965.  1965 June
XD14/5/19 BRIEF history and data of the Company.  N D
XD14/5/20 MEMO re: Increase in water consumption.  N D
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