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Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XD2/Add/160a/3 FILE OF CORRESPONDENCE relating to Clynnog Parish Council, includes enquiries regarding rents, allotments, upkeep of footbridge and a flood at Newborough Terrace. (17 items)  1921-1954
XD2/Add/160a/4 FILE OF CORRESPONDENCE AND DOCUMENTS relating to Cae’r Glyn Allotments, Caernarfon.Plans (96 items)  1924-1964
XD2/Add/160a/5 FILE OF CORRESPONDENCE relating top various properties in co. Anglesey. Includes enquiries regarding crown rents, building a road from Llanddwyn to Newborough, the afforestation of Newborough Warren ...  more 1929-1939
XD2/Add/160a/6 BUNDLE OF CORRESPONDENCE AND ACCOUNTS re. Northumberland case repairs to agricultural properties. (38 items)  1946-1956
XD2/Add/160a/7 FILE regarding general sheepwalks. Includes information regarding Graig Goch, ffridd Penmynydd, Cwmdulyn land on Graig Goch.  1960-1971
XD2/Add/160b/1 FILE OF CORRESPONDENCE AND DOCUMENTS relating to Charity Commissioners enquiry regarding Bryn Bras water supply. (37 items)  1920-1926
XD2/Add/160b/2 FILE OF DOCUMENTS regarding Uwchlawrhos and Tafarn Tudur, Groeslon water supply. Includes correspondence, valuations and a plan.  1926-1952
XD2/Add/173a/1 RENTAL Meirionnydd  1934 June-Dec.
XD2/Add/173a/2 RENTAL Meirionnydd  1935 June.-Dec.
XD2/Add/173a/3 RENTAL Meirionnydd.  1937 June-Dec.
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