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Casgliad Ystad Gwedir, Dyffryn Conwy Gwydir Estate Collection, Conwy Valley

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XD38/61 1. Rt. Hon. Earl of Ancaster. 2. Willow Box Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Gwydyr Sawmill, near Llanrwst. COUNTERPART LEASE for a term of 21 years of the Gwydyr Saw Mill, pa. Llanrhychwyn. Rent: £25 p.a. f...  more 1915 Dec. 31
XD38/62 Great Sessions for Caernarfon EXEMPLIFICATION OF COMMON RECOVERY with double voucher Demandant: Jeffries Spranger, esq. Tenant: Rowland Williams, esq. Vouchee: Peter Johnson, gent. touching the ma...  more 1804 March 27
XD38/63 SEAL of the Great Sessions, Caernarfon.  n.d.
XD38/64 DIRECTION AND APPOINTMENT of Jefferies Spranger and Edward Bray by Lord Gwydir, Baroness Willoughby de Eresby and Peter Robert Burrell, to borrow £4,000 and interest from Richard Henry Alexander Benne...  more 1806 June 23
XD38/65 1. Jeffries Spranger of Lincoln’s Inn, co. Middx., esq. and Edward Bray of Bloomsbury, co. Middx., esq.. 2. Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount Sackville and Richard Henry Alexander Bennet, navy captain. 3. ...  more 1806 Aug. 25
XD38/66 1. Jefferies Spranger and Ed. Bray. 2. Lord Viscount Sackville and Richard Henry Alexander Bennet. 3. Rt. Hon. Lord Gwydir, Rt. Hon. Baroness Willoughby de Eresby and Hon. Peter Robert Burrell, elde...  more 1806 Aug. 25
XD38/67 1. Rt. Hon. Lord Gwydir. 2. Capt. Richard Henry Alexander Bennet, the younger, esq.. BOND in the sum of £8,000 for the repayment of £4,000 and interest.  1806 Aug. 25
XD38/68 LIST OF RENTALS, part of the estate of Rt. Hon. Lord Gwydir, pa. Llanrhychwyn, proposed as a security for securing £4,000 and interest.  [1810s]
XD38/69 ABSTRACT OF TITLE of the Rt. Hon. Peter Lord Gwydir and the Hon. Peter Robert Burrell to estates, pa. Llanrhychwyn.  [early 1800s]
XD38/70 ABSTRACT OF TITLE [part of] of the Rt. Hon. Lord Gwydir and the Hon. Peter Robert Burrell, for the residues of several terms of 5,000 years of a farm in Somerby, co. Lincs., the manor, mills, t’...  more [1806]
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