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Casgliad Ystad Gwedir, Dyffryn Conwy Gwydir Estate Collection, Conwy Valley

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
XD38/93 1. Hon. Peter Robert Drummond Burrell. 2. Gwen Edwards. APPOINTMENT AND RELEASE of land and dwelling-house, pa. Llanrwst. Consideration: £200.  1811 Nov. 28
XD38/94 ACCOUNT of rent on property [pa. Llanrwst], settled with Robert Jones.  1813 Nov. 19
XD38/95 BILL of costs for conveyancing and other legal business.  1813 Dec. 14
XD38/96 CONDITIONS OF SALE of a dwelling-house in Llanrwst.  1855 Feb. 23
XD38/97 1. William Thomas ap William of Hengirhe, pa. Trefriw, yeoman. 2. Ellis Morris of Penammen, gent. and Morris William of Kelli-r-Manach, gent.. 3. Owen ap Robert ap William of Llanrhychwyn, yeoman. FE...  more 1668 July 20
XD38/98 1. William Thomas ap William of pa. Trefriw, yeoman. 2. Owen ap Robert ap William of pa. Llanrhychwyn. BOND in the sum of £64 for the Performance of Covenants.  1668 July 20
XD38/99 1. Thomas Williams, husbandman and Thomas Holland of Teirden, co. Denbs.. 2. Thomas Holland, esq.. DEED TO LEAD USES of a Fine to be levied upon messuage, t’ment and land called Tythine Cae Mab...  more 1704[/5] March 6
XD38/100 Great Sessions for Caernarfon, at Conway. FINAL CONCORD between: Plaintiffs: Thomas Holland, esq. and Robert Ellis, and Deforceant: Thomas Williams When the Deforceants acknowledged l messuage, 1 ...  more 1705 April 6
XD38/101 1. Thomas Williams of Cae Mab Ithell, gent.. 2. Evan Foulkes of Tre yr Rhiw alias Trefriw, rector. MORTGAGE [Demise for a term of 500 years] of a farm called Tyddyn Cae Mab Ithell and land called Ca...  more 1724[/5] Jan. 20
XD38/102 1. Thomas Williams of Cae mab Ithell. 2. Evan Foulkes. BOND in the sum of £120 for the repayment of £60.  1724[/5] Jan. 29
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