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Casgliad Plas y Bryn, Llanbedr Collection

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
Z/DDQ/31 FILE PROBATE LETTERS re William Jones, dec’d, Plas y Bryn, Llanbedr  1922-1951
Z/DDQ/32 EXECUTORS of William Jones estate farm accounts July 1933 to May 1937  1933-1937
Z/DDQ/33 ACCOUNT BOOK belonging to the executors of the Will of William Jones, Plas y Bryn, Llanbedr  1933
Z/DDQ/34 PROBATE PAPERS of William Jones of Plas y Bryn, Llanbedr who died on 24 July 1933  1933
Z/DDQ/35 EXECUTORS of the estate of William Jones estate accounts  1933-1952
Z/DDQ/36 CORRESPONDENCE re. William Jones, Plas y Bryn, dec’d and Tregarnedd farm  1936-1957
Z/DDQ/37 PORTFOLIO belonging to Ellis Jones, Plas y Bryn, Llanbedr containing papers re. The Surveyors Institution Examinations on Agricultural Law.  n.d.
Z/DDQ/38 LETTER reporting that an account book belonging to Ellis Jones was left at the Bank  1848 May 26
Z/DDQ/39 DIARY belonging to Ellis Jones, Plas y Bryn,Llanbedr  1910
Z/DDQ/40 CORRESPONDENCE between Ellis Jones,Esq., 61 Kenilworth Road, Newcastle on Tyne and Parry, Blake and Parry, 82 Victoria Street, Westminster  1912-1914
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