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Papurau Ychwanegol Plwyf Eglwysig Llanfachraeth. Llanfachraeth Ecclesiastical Parish Additional Papers

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
Z/DCU/2/51 PLAN of Llanfachreth Church Tower Scale : 4 feet - 1 inch  [c. 1927]
Z/DCU/2/52 GENERAL ARRANGEMENT of Hydro-Electric Plant Dolfriog for Col. Priestly, West Wales Electric Ltd., Criccieth  1929 Aug. 18
Z/DCU/2/53 PLAN of the heating : Llanfachreth Church Engineers: Saunders & Taylor Ltd., Manchester and London  1929 Sept. 16
Z/DCU/2/54 LETTER from West Wales Electric Ltd., 3 High Street, Criccieth to the Rev. Bonner Jenkins, Llanfachreth relating to their scheme and of providing electricity for the village  1930 June 20
Z/DCU/2/55 PLAN of proposed Electric Lighting Plant and Distribution Scheme for Llanfachreth  1930 June 19
Z/DCU/2/56 PAPERS relating to repair work on Llanfachreth church  1959-1965
Z/DCU/2/57 REPORT and RECOMMENDATIONS on a survey carried out on Llanfachreth Church  1961 Oct. 19
Z/DCU/2/58 PAPERS relating to the tithe and tithe redemption  1877 - 1922
Z/DCU/2/59 LETTER from G. Griffiths, Bryn Adda, Dolgellau to the Rev. F. P. Watkin Davies, Llanfachreth noting that the commutation of the tithes for the parish is £75  1900 June 28
Z/DCU/2/60 CERTIFICATE of Redemption of Tithe Rent Charge for the pa. of Llanfachreth  1923 Oct. 20
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