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Papurau Ychwanegol Plwyf Eglwysig Llanfachraeth. Llanfachraeth Ecclesiastical Parish Additional Papers

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
Z/DCU/2/41 RECEIPTS and INSURANCE notes  1922-23
Z/DCU/2/42 MISCELLANEOUS receipts and insurance notes relating to the Church  1926-27
Z/DCU/2/43 BALANCE SHEET of ’Social’ held at Llanfachreth  1928 Feb. 10
Z/DCU/2/44 BALANCE SHEET REPORTS and CORRESPONDENCE re Llanfachreth Church  1960-1967
Z/DCU/2/46 LETTER from the Ecclesiastical Insurance Office, Ltd., relating to a revised insurance upon the Church following a surveyor’s recent inspection  1922 Jan. 19
Z/DCU/2/48 PLANS and DRAWINGS relating to the position of the proposed organ chamber prepared by Bryceson Brothers, Organ Builders, Islington, London  1886
Z/DCU/2/49 BANK DEPOSIT ACCOUNT BOOKS relating to the ’Tower’ Account  1910-27
Z/DCU/2/50 LETTERS from Harold Hughes, Diocesan Offices, Bangor to Mr Eastwood [Llanfachreth] relating to church repair  1926 Aug. 20 -1926 Oct. 5
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