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Papurau Ychwanegol Plwyf Eglwysig Llanfachraeth. Llanfachraeth Ecclesiastical Parish Additional Papers

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
Z/DCU/2/21 PAROCHIAL LIST of out-door poor pa. of Llanfachreth  1855
Z/DCU/2/22 STATISTICAL RETURN of parochial work filled by the incumbent, the Rev.John Harris  1916 May 30
Z/DCU/2/23 MOTHER’S UNION REGISTER including annual subscriptions and record of speakers at meetings  1909-1922
Z/DCU/2/24 LETTER: Rev. John Harris, Llanfachreth Vicarage to Mrs Enthoven concerning the selling of hay on a piece of land and peace celebrations to be held at the squash court at Nannau  1919 Aug. 2
Z/DCU/2/25 LETTER: Rev. John Harris, Llanfachreth Vicarage to Mrs Enthoven relating to church and parochial matters  1921 Feb. 1
Z/DCU/2/26 Mothers’ Union Register  1925-1956
Z/DCU/2/27 NOTE BOOK containing a list of names and monthly payments  c. 1973-84
Z/DCU/2/28 LETTER from Wyndham Lewis, Norman Hughes and Elias Hughes to the Bishop of Bangor relating to their ideas about the need for an Order of Preachers and Teachers in the Church in Wales  c. 1945
Z/DCU/29 HANDBOOK for the Harvest Festival selected by The Bangor Diocesan Music Committee  n.d.
Z/DCU/30 PROGRAMME, which includes special forms of service in commemoration of King Edward VII  1910
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