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Papurau Ychwanegol Plwyf Eglwysig Llanfachraeth. Llanfachraeth Ecclesiastical Parish Additional Papers

Item TitleDescriptionArchive Date
Z/DCU/2/11 MARRIAGE LICENCE of John Parker and Margaret Lloyd Pugh, both of Llanfachreth  1948 Jan. 24
Z/DCU/2/12 SURVEY of parish records in the Diocese of Bangor - RETURN for the parish of Llanfachreth  1959 June 18
Z/DCU/2/13 CERTIFICATE re publication of the Banns of Marriage between Ian Hewitt Davies and Molly Cecilia Vaughan in the parish church of St. Simon Selotes, Chelsea  1962 July 17
Z/DCU/2/14 REPORT of The Bangor Diocesan Board of Dilapidations  1964
Z/DCU/2/15 ADRODDIAD Eglwys Llanfachreth/Llanfachreth Church Report  1965
Z/DCU/2/16 ADRODDIAD : Eglwys Machreth Sant, Llanfachreth  1966
Z/DCU/2/17 STATEMENT of facts re rebuilding and additional endowment of Llanfachreth Church by R. Roberts, Rector of Llanfachreth  n.d.
Z/DCU/2/18 STATEMENT of income of Llanfachreth living  1890
Z/DCU/2/19 LETTER: Ecclesiastical Commission to the Rev. John Harris, Llanfachreth, vicar re additions to the Llanfachreth parsonage house  1912 Dec. 11
Z/DCU/2/20 LETTER from the Secretary of The Representative Body of the Church in Wales relating to the letting of glebe land  1959 July 31
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